Valerik Apinian

High Energy in the World of Art



Valerik Apinyan was born the April 4 1950 in settle Maisyan (Armenia).

At present lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Learned; learnt in Leninakanskom artistic school, in Leningrad high artistic-industrial school im. V.MUHINOY, was shown free listen in institute Painting, sculpting im. I.E.REPINA (academic art).

The member of the Alliance artist Russia.

With 1976 participated in more than 200 exhibitions in Russia and for world.

The Native land Apinyana — an Armenian village Maisyan near one of the the most old city of the world Gyumri. Shirakskaya valley, where is located village, is nicknamed in folk "armenian Siberia" because of severe climate. For mouting pass — a calm gardens and vineyards Araratskoy valleys. In Shirake — a snow winter and sultry summer. From blown out winds gorge break to nights hurricanes. Then hide whole living things, and women wrap in heavy shawls. The Kindom stone, sand and faded by green. Brown colour dominates yellow in this part of the country Armenia; little — blue and green; else less — a mosaic — other colour. However, all paints uncommonly juicy in transparent air mountains. Thence takes their own headwaters peerless color wealth linen Apinyana and his(its) especial sunny-yellow colour.

Apinyan does not try to reproduce on their own linen reality or concrete subjects. However, abstraction in his(its) picture differs from that that implies the abstract art as artistic direction. She not there is clean play line and colour — a play for the sake of creative play or desired impression. The Scene is called express essence expressed and, in most cases, saves the sidebars most object. The Artist constructing the scene at color, inflicts the paints, seemingly, not data subject by nature. Apinyan continues the motion painting, given no time impressionism man and continued fovistam and suprematisme: varicoloured spot, tone and turning the colour models the subject of the scene. Near picture seems the mosaic from paints. Look after, spectator finds that contents of canvas corresponds to to name, given him author that on linen display essence expressed. The Chaos line, volumes and color is, indeed, entanglement energy flow, forming structure of the elected object. Through he appears the structure live, and each concrete phenomena there is bright spot live as a whole. For this reason product Apinyana themselves radiate the energy, which is sent spectator, and "charges" ego.

The Pictures Apinyana so pervaded energy that seems — being kept in they live the independent life: night thickens, gesture lasts, and woman will get up, bouquet becom flabby.

Apinyan — an artist Mozart type. As has no time said about it self Gyote: I write the poetry, as bird sings. Same can say about it self Apinyan. As personalities, him alien ill, lie, cruelty. worldoutlook and aesthetic directivity his(its) creative activity — carry in the world joy, beauty and harmony.

The Motto Apinyana: "not to defraud it self!"

Painting Apinyana simultaneously and interiors, and identical big space museum or representation of the common-room. Small on size of the functioning(working) the artist will decorate any house. Together with that, greater, pervaded philosophical contents canvas require from spectator by person to centrality and finked.

The Talent Apinyana unique. The Artist ctep over modernist style with his(its) longing to novelty for the sake of novelty, postmodern with his(its) handhold on memory and collective experience. The Creative activity Apinyana exists, in greater measure, outside of traditions, on intersection different — world and national — a currents. He it is enough own look at the world and own sign-symbolic entertainment.

Originality of the artist turns the confidence and trustful in respect of spectator: to his(its) artistic scent and aesthetic feel.

The Quoting — an use artistic image, found other author, — alien Apinyanu. The Abstraction in his(its) picture also not there is clean play line and colour. The Scene is called express the essence expressed, shower of the object; the energy, supplying his(its) sympathetically.